Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My Hero!

Some days I just can not wrap my mind around what to cook for dinner.  I hit a wall, fall into a rut, draw a blank.  I open my cabinets and find nothing but cobwebs.  My freezer is a frigid waste land.  The refrigerator has no sympathy for my plight.  Dinner is doomed.

And then, just when I think that all hope is lost and my poor children are going wither away,

                                                   This guy comes to our rescue. 

My Music Man is multi-talented.  He is what I refer to as a Renaissance Man.  He composes amazing musical scores and makes a mean pancake.  He can fry an egg and flip a flapjack in record time.  Plus, he is really hot.  And best of all, he likes breakfast for dinner.  We must be soul mates.

What? Wait a minute!  What's that you are saying, Music Man?  You cooked, so I should clean up? Really?  But, but, I am the mother of your children.  I am the love of your life.  I'll get dish pan hands, I've heard it's a horrible condition.  Can't we talk this through?

Singing the Dish Water Blues,


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