Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Heap'n Help'n of Christmas Cuteness.

Oh, how I love little ones all dressed up in their holiday best.

Baby boys in argyle sweater vests. (emphasis on the baby boy because it is literally the only time when my boys will wear a sweater vest of any kind).

Little girls with matching dresses and big bows in their hair.  All dressed up, fresh faced, bright eyed, bushy tailed.  

Oh, so sweet!  Oh, so cooperative!  Oh, so charming!

And in this picture, my little man is giving me the "I am oh, so over this and out of here look."  This is just before he ran off screaming, "This sweater vest make me look like a sissy!" Well, not really. But I am pretty sure he was thinking it.

Another magical mommy moment with the monkeys,


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