Thursday, December 9, 2010

Homer Simpson is My Brother-In-Law

Seriously, he is. 

Homer is married to Music Man's sister, but her name is Susan, not Marge.

And she does not have a blue beehive hairdo, but she does have lovely blonde locks.

And they do have kids, but their names are not Bart, Lisa and Maggie.

And they do not say things like, "Eat my shorts", Ay Caramba!, and "Don't have a cow, man!"

This is our Homer Simpson and his wife Susan Simpson.  And as you can see, our Homer is not at all like this guy (although I have seen him eat doughnuts on occasion)---------->

Our Homer is not crude, overweight, incompetent, clumsy, lazy, or ignorant like this guy.  And he does not eat Vaseline, or say "D'oh", or work in a nuclear power plant, either. ------------------------------->

Our Homer Simpson is a super guy with a big heart.  He loves his family and friends and is always helping others.  But there is one strange similarity between our Homer Simpson and this guy.  And it has nothing to do with being an Elvis Impersonator. -------------------------------> 

Our Homer Simpson owns a tavern and his nick name is Moe.  And if you are like me, this probably means absolutely nothing to you since you do not watch the show.  But, my husband says that it is significant, and I thought that it was worth a mention.  I mean, our Homer has been on the Today Show for this noteworthy information.

And, when Homer and Susan were planning their wedding, some smarty pants thought that it was cute to change their wedding registry to Homer and Marge Simpson.  But it wasn't me.  No really, I promise.



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