Tuesday, December 28, 2010

All Around the House

I want to share some pictures with you of the lovely Christmas decorations that my mother and father in law have in and around their home.

It is like eye candy to me (without the calories).

From the moment that you get to the road that winds its way up to Music Man's parents' home you know that you have arrived somewhere special. 

Doesn't this door just say, "Welcome Home?"

A Moravian Star lights the entry way.

My father in law made this manger scene. He has mad woodworking skills.

Sequined studded birds adorn a tree by the front door.

Here is just a sampling of the gorgeous stain glass nativity scene that my sister in law and brother in law made for Music Man's parents.

This charming cookbook was given to my mother in law by her brothers when she was in college.  Music Man remembers this book from his childhood.

A folksy Santa watches over the living room.

I love the organic nature of this Nativity scene.  It is carved from olive tree wood.

A stained glass angel.  Don't you just love the iridescent glass on her gown?

Better Homes and Garden can not hold a candle to this home.

I wonder if the stained glass manger scene will fit in my purse? Do you think my in laws would miss it?

Just joking,


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